Meet The Team

Our team of in-house experts provides knowledge, reliability, compliance and quick response to your needs. Your company’s safety and success are what we care about. We have a strong team of industry experts but are always looking to add new talent. Check out our Careers page under the About Us section on our website.


Corporate Officers

Sales / Marketing – 13 Strong!

Our seasoned team of 13 sales and marketing professionals offers the best Safetec product solutions and private label opportunities to meet your ever-changing needs. With every order, the sales team provides all of the essential information involving; set minimum quantities, estimated production timelines, contracts/PO’s and terms/conditions to deliver and ensure a smooth customer experience.

The 6 person marketing team stays busy designing marketing materials and packaging; while handling print vendors and coordinating customer-supplied artwork.


Controller/IT and Human Resources

Quality / Regulatory – 9 Strong!

Our quality/regulatory department has seen tremendous growth and now includes a team of 9, well-trained and experienced specialists, inspectors and quality engineers. With a strong focus on EPA and FDA mandated regulations, and current good manufacturing practices (CGMPs), our team strives for excellence in our facility. Constant updates on machine processes, validations, and routine quality control inspections are performed regularly to ensure our customers receive high-quality products.

Chemistry – 11 Strong!

Our on-site chemistry department includes a team of 9 lab experts, comprising of chemists, techs and a chemistry manager. With our chemistry team, we have the ability to work with our customers to private label an existing Safetec product, or develop their unique formula.

Manufacturing / Shipping / Purchasing – 58 Strong!

Our largest department is manufacturing consisting of 64 individuals, including machine operators, packers, maintenance mechanics, team leads, and shipping and receiving clerks. As a full-service product manufacturer, we’re here 20 hours a day to ensure quality, stability and value in every American made Safetec product.

Our purchasing department consists of 2 essential individuals who handle all vendor and supplier relationships and are involved in every aspect of the production process from start to finish. From processing in-house purchase orders, negotiating pricing, and managing inventory to reviewing important documents for incoming raw materials, they understand the value of time and cost management for our customers.