Corporate Officers

Andrew Schoeppich

Chief Financial Officer

As the CFO of Safetec, Andrew spearheads the financial operations with a commitment to fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation. His day-to-day responsibilities encompass financial reporting, cost accounting, financial planning and analysis, internal control, and risk management.

Andrew brings a wealth of experience in FDA-regulated pharmaceutical companies from his prior roles as a Plant Controller at Fresenius Kabi and as an Assistant Controller at Athenex. He also has extensive financial management experience from his CFO role at the Erie County Industrial Development Agency and as a Senior Manager at the audit firm KPMG.

Andrew is also dedicated to giving back to the CPA profession. For over 20 years, Andrew has annually volunteered to provide his expertise and recommendations on the Canadian CPA exam before it is given to students. Outside of the office, he enjoys globe-trotting, cherishing moments with his wife, Heatherlyn and two sons, and stays active with his passion for biking and swimming.

Fun Facts:

  • Andrew brings a global perspective to Safetec as he has lived and worked in three different countries (England, Canada, and the US).
  • Andrew’s adventurous spirit took center stage during a daring forward rappel down the side of a 16-story hotel building in Auckland, New Zealand