Sales / Marketing

Tori Robinson

Creative and Brand Manager

Say hello to Tori Robinson, Safetec of America’s spirited Creative and Brand Manager, whose journey from graphic designer to Manager is as vibrant as she is.

Proudly educated at the Pratt Institute, Tori brings a unique blend of artistic flair and street smarts to the table. Outside the office walls, you can find her juggling workouts, culinary adventures, and city escapades with her two daughters and loyal sidekick, Lola, the family’s 14-year-old Havanese.

Mexican is always on Tori’s menu, and her love for the cuisine is only rivaled by her morning coffee ritual. Fun Fact: Tori once worked for the famous Kleinfeld Bridal in NYC. Tori is equally passionate about her role at Safetec, where she infuses every project with her trademark creativity and dedication.