Nick Geska

Sales / Marketing

Nick Geska

Account Manager

Nick has a passion for building lasting relationships and a track record of success. A graduate of St. Bonaventure University, Nick brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role as Safetec’s Sales Account Manager.

Before joining Safetec, Nick spent 4.5 years at KeyBank, where he honed his skills in customer relations and problem-solving. His ability to work effectively with the public and his strong aptitude for collaborative teamwork makes him a valuable asset to Safetec’s sales team.

Beyond the office, Nick is a dedicated Buffalo Bills and Sabres fan, and his passion for sports extends to the Yankees and professional wrestling. Nick’s love for cooking is another noteworthy aspect of his life outside work. Always eager to learn new recipes and try different cuisines, he enjoys sharing his creations with friends and family.

Nick’s interests aren’t confined to sports and cooking; he’s also deeply involved in the local community. As a coach for modified baseball at Cheektowaga Central, he invests his time and energy in mentoring young athletes alongside one of his close friends.

Two interesting facets of Nick’s personality are showcased through his tattoos. His love for music and wrestling is permanently etched on his arm, reflecting his deep passion for these interests.

What drew Nick to Safetec? Well, it’s more than just a job for him. Having heard about the positive work environment and the strong sense of community within Safetec, Nick was eager to contribute to a team with a shared goal.