06/28/24 By Emily Miller

What is OSHA: 29 CFR 1910.1030- Bloodborne Pathogens?

Exposure to bloodborne pathogens and other potentially infectious materials can be dangerous to anyone in many different occupations. Bloodborne pathogens are infectious microorganisms in human blood that can cause diseases. The three most common bloodborne…
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06/03/24 By Emily Miller

What is ANSI? The American National Standards Institute

ANSI is The American National Standards Institute and sets guidelines to ensure products and services in the U.S. are safe, reliable, and of high quality. ANSI doesn’t make the standards themselves but coordinates the efforts…
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05/30/24 By Emily Miller

Safetec of America receives Buffalo Business First Manufacturing Award

Safetec of America is proud to announce that they are the recipient of Buffalo Business First’s 2024 Manufacturing Award for Operational Excellence. The award is given to a company that has deployed technology to increase…
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05/17/24 By Emily Miller

Safetec Private Label Series: Bottle Capabilities

Safetec of America, Inc., is your destination for cutting-edge packaging solutions. Our bottle-filling capabilities offer a versatile array of options to suit your product needs, from customizable sizes and fill amounts to a variety of bottle types and caps. …
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05/15/24 By Emily Miller

Antibiotic ointments: What’s different and what’s the same?

When it comes to first aid, one common and popular item is antibiotic ointment. Whether it is a single or triple, antibiotic ointments can be found in nearly every first aid kit. But, what’s the…
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04/25/24 By Emily Miller

Private Label: How Safetec can bring your ideas from Mind to Market

Many businesses begin their venture with an idea in mind but may need help in bringing it to life. As a trusted leader in infection control, first aid, and over-the-counter products, Safetec of America, Inc.,…
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