ASI Promotional Products

Is there a kit that you are looking to produce for an upcoming event? Are you considering all options for your buyers to get the best pricing (and make a good profit)? Working with Safetec on promotional products and ad specialties could not be easier. Now, as a member of ASI, you can shop all of the Safetec products that are great options for promotional materials. From items for first aid kits to hand products, Safetec has a variety of options for you.

The advantage that Safetec offers from other manufacturers is the wide product variety that is available. From golf tournaments to charity events, there are products that can match the exact needs of your consumers.

Businesses and events use their logos, and company slogans to make lasting, impactful memories on prospective consumers for purchases down the road. The promotional products industry is only growing, and finding the right manufacturer to private label for events or businesses is key. Safetec can be that partner for you, private label opportunities are available if you have a large run of promotional materials that you would like to order. Contact an account manager today if you are interested in this type of business by filling out the form below.