Private Label: How Safetec can bring your ideas from Mind to Market

04/25/24 By Emily Miller

Many businesses begin their venture with an idea in mind but may need help in bringing it to life. As a trusted leader in infection control, first aid, and over-the-counter products, Safetec of America, Inc., can offer the resources needed to help you establish your line of products.

From Mind to Market, we guide our partners in developing and launching their brands with our full-service private label capabilities.


Safetec is a full-service, American-made manufacturer located in Buffalo, N.Y. We manufacture our products in our state-of-the-art FDA-regulated facility and ship them out from our nearby distribution center. With over 30 years of experience, Safetec has thrived in the industry, leading to expansion in both company and capabilities.

We are committed to providing you with a quality, American-made product that is manufactured under all regulatory requirements, OSHA protocols, and Current Good Manufacturing Practices.


In 2023, we launched our Mind to Market website, which offers customers an immersive experience that provides a deeper understanding of Safetec’s unparalleled expertise, packaging options, state-of-the-art machine capabilities and standard formulations for private label. We want to partner with you to bring your idea from Mind to Market while taking your needs to heart.

From formulation development to packaging to commercialization and labeling, our in-house experts are committed to supporting our clients’ vision and achieving mutual success.


At Safetec, our private label formulation capabilities are second to none. With a full on-site chemistry lab staffed by skilled chemists, we offer comprehensive support in developing and testing your custom formulas.

Whether you’re targeting organic, natural, or animal-derived ingredient-free products, our team works diligently to align with current market trends. We’re dedicated to ensuring your products not only meet consumer preferences, but also adhere to all applicable regulatory requirements. You can trust us to help you exceed expectations and effectively substantiate your product claims, bolstering your brand’s credibility in the marketplace.

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Contract Fill

Do you already have a developed product but need help packaging?

Our machines are capable of filling liquid and powder bottles, canisters, tubes, ointment sachets, and liquid-filled towel pouches. With a full on-site engineering team, we can make our machines work for you by customizing our filling capabilities to your brand specifications and timeline.


When it comes to businesses looking to scale up their products to bigger markets, Safetec can get you there. We can help get your products from the laboratory to retail stores, online distributors, and more.

Your dedicated Business Development Coordinator will work with our in-house teams and you to develop a plan that best suits you and your product’s needs. With your formula, our experts, and a strong partnership, we can get you out of the lab and onto shelves.

Private Label

Our product, your label.

We manufacture high-quality formulas that encompass a broad spectrum of various industries in our state-of-the-art facility. Our standard formulas are the ideal solution for businesses looking to establish their brand and meet customer demand.

With flexible lead times and minimum order quantities, we will work with you to find the best product that fits you and what you’re looking for.

Every step of the way, we will work with you hand in hand to get you a viable finished product to take to market.