Single Antibiotic Ointment (Neomycin)

Single Antibiotic Ointment contains Neomycin Sulfate. Apply on minor cuts, burns, and scrapes for instant relief. Our convenient single-use packaging is available in bulk and 144 count dispenser boxes.

Price: $124.95$153.96

    SKU's / Product Specs

    0.9 g Pouch (144 ct. Box) (SKU 53610)
    Case Qty. 12 Boxes / Case Wt. 8lbs

    0.9 g Pouch (Bulk) (SKU 53604)
    2000 Pouches / Case Wt. 7lbs.


    Unit dose packages provide quick and effective application without cross-contamination.

  • Product Overview

    Prevent infection and the spread of harmful bacteria with topical Single Antibiotic Ointment (Neomycin). Apply on minor cuts, burns, and scrapes. Our convenient single-use packages make it easy for fast application and instant relief.

  • Uses

    Used to treat minor cuts, burns and abrasions. Helps prevent infection and aids in healing.

  • FAQs

    • Single Antibiotic (Neomycin)

    Why do you have different types of antibiotic ointments?

    Some people are allergic to certain types of antibiotics. By offering multiple options we hope that we can provide you and your customers an option for everyone!


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