Spill Kits & Bloodborne Pathogens

03/23/17 By Jill Tilton

Are You Prepared If A Blood Spill Occurs?

It is a perfectly normal day in the office. Everything seems to be going right. Orders are going out the door on time, there have been no customer complaints in a few weeks and the…
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09/29/16 By Jill Tilton

Why Do You Need Blood Spill Kits?

What is the harm of a little bit of blood getting on the floor? There could be a lot of harm actually. Blood and all bodily fluids can carry blood borne pathogens such as HIV,…
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09/26/16 By Jill Tilton

Choose Red Z For Spill Control [Infographic]

We have laid out the simple facts why you should choose Red Z for your spill control needs. Whether you need it for the Emergency Room, School, Military, or Ambulance – Safetec of America’s Red…
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08/12/16 By Jill Tilton

How to Cleanup Blood Spills as per OSHA

Does your company want to make absolutely sure that they are being compliant with OSHA around the clock? Blood spills can happen in a moment’s notice in a hospital or other healthcare facility. We will…
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08/05/16 By Jill Tilton

Are Spill Kits Required for Formalin?

Think of this, if there is a spill at your health care facility of a formaldehyde-containing substance, can you say that with 100% certainty you have the proper equipment to clean up that spill? If…
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