Be Cautious With Formaldehyde Spills

11/26/18 By Safetec

Many people aren’t familiar with the chemical Formaldehyde. In its original state Formaldehyde is a colorless gas that is incredibly toxic to humans. However, in most practical situations Formaldehyde is diluted to formulate Formalin solutions. Formalin is used to disinfect surfaces, preserve cadavers, and add longevity to furnishings. Let’s take a look at what can happen if you come into contact with Formaldehyde or other Formalin fluids.

If you are exposed to either Formaldehyde or another Formalin fluid, it is essential to seek immediate medical attention, because the effects could be life-threatening. According to the Division of Research Safety at the University of Illinois, “Formaldehyde has an acute toxicity by inhalation, ingestion, and dermal exposure. It is both corrosive to the skin and eyes, and is a suspected carcinogen.” The chemical can burn flesh if it touches the skin, and can burn the esophagus and lungs upon inhalation. In fact, the NIOSH has stated that only 20ppm of Formaldehyde can be a life threating amount.

48630 Formaldehyde Spill KitThis chemical isn’t something to mess around with, so what precautions must be taken to combat a Formalin spill? It is important to have proper Formaldehyde spill kits in any lab where this chemical may be present. Safetec makes a Formaldehyde spill kit that neutralizes the Formalin fluid and allows for safe transport. With a Safetec Formaldehyde spill kit, you can rest comfortably knowing that if you do spill this deadly fluid, your facility has a safe and compliant way to neutralize the substance.

Why should you put yourself at risk of Formaldehyde exposure? With Safetec’s Formaldehyde spill kits, you can make sure your employees are safe when working with Formalin fluids.