Are You Prepared If A Blood Spill Occurs?

03/23/17 By Jill Tilton

It is a perfectly normal day in the office. Everything seems to be going right. Orders are going out the door on time, there have been no customer complaints in a few weeks and the staff is looking forward to great weather this weekend. 

BOOM! Out of nowhere, there is an accident in the laboratory and they are calling for help. You hear that there is a blood spill. Without hesitation, you grab the Universal Precaution Spill Kit from the wall to ensure this spill is cleaned up according to OSHA compliance.

Luckily the lab tech will be just fine and will be back at work in just a few days. 

You did notice, however, that while you were cleaning up the blood spill in the lab, that you had a small audience. Some of the looks on their faces were of confusion and it seemed as though they did not know how to utilize the Universal Precaution Compliance Spill Kit. 

This is the perfect opportunity to train or re-train staff members on how to utilize the kit if you are not in the office and something like this happens again. It is better to have several people trained correctly than not. Please feel free to utilize the video below to train anyone on your staff on how this kit should be used. 

After viewing the video if you have any questions about this kit, or our other spill kits, feel free to give Safetec a call at 800-456-7077 or contact us through our website by clicking here.