Infection Control & Prevention

06/24/21 By Megan Malke

Surface Disinfection: There’s More To It.

Microorganisms are some of the tiniest biological organisms known, but we’ve become far more aware of them in the wake of a global pandemic. As a result, we’ve become suspicious of surfaces in public spaces…
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06/03/21 By Megan Malke

Another Virus to Investigate?

As the United States reopens after months of lockdown and restrictions during the global coronavirus pandemic, another virus is resurging. It’s a very contagious virus that passes between people easily. You may know it as…
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05/06/21 By Megan Malke

Preventing Healthcare-Associated Infections

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are infections that occur while receiving health care. Patients with medical devices (central lines, urinary catheters, ventilators) or who undergo surgical procedures are at risk of acquiring HAIs. HAIs continue to be…
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02/25/21 By Megan Malke

How Long Are Germs Infectious on Surfaces You Touch? Part 2

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02/18/21 By Megan Malke

How Long Do Germs Live on Surfaces You Touch? Part 1

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01/28/21 By Megan Malke

Are You Actually Killing Germs; Part 2

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01/21/21 By Megan Malke

Are You Actually Killing Germs; Part 1

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01/14/21 By Megan Malke

What can we expect from 2021?

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01/07/21 By Megan Malke

What is the Swiss Cheese Model of Infection Prevention?

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us several painful lessons. As of December 2020, the United States is experiencing more than 200,000 cases per day and a new high of 3,000 deaths per day. Initial vaccine…
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12/17/20 By Megan Malke

Can COVID-19 Precautions Impact the 2020-2021 Flu Season?

It’s been over 100 years since the last major pandemic swept the world, forcing protective measures and human behavior changes to curb the spread. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to bring tragedy and changes to our…
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12/03/20 By Megan Malke

Learning from Past Pandemics & Outbreaks

While the COVID-19 pandemic has been the most severe in recent history, it isn’t the first pandemic, and it will not likely be the last. All pandemics and epidemics leave some imprint on human behavior;…
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11/19/20 By Megan Malke

How filthy is your phone?

  Be honest, how often do you clean your phone screen and case? With COVID-19 still surging worldwide, increased attention has been placed on preventative actions, such as handwashing, cleaning commonly touched surfaces, wearing a…
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