Anthony Gioia – Production Manager | Safetec of America Inc

For the last 15 years, Anthony has played a significant role in the Production Department of Safetec. Currently, as the Production Manager, Anthony oversees the manufacturing and batching areas to schedule out the facilities production based on sales and customer needs. With this, he works closely with every department to assure product can be completed and shipped on time.

A significant responsibility of Anthony’s is to train and develop employees to be machine operators, line packers and team leads. Anthony is known to be a troubleshooter and can often be found assisting others whether it be on a machine, or anywhere else he is needed in the facility.

Outside of work, Anthony spends most of his time with his wife, Diane, and his four children, Brandon, Destiny, Jeoffrey, and Emma. They can often be found out on a camping adventure or at the bowling alley.