Infection Control & Prevention

12/23/16 By Jill Tilton

Cleaning Times for Hospitals – ISSA

Back in 2009 there was a study that came about that investigated what the best practices were in healthcare settings for cleaning and disinfecting. This study was started by The Canadian Association of Environmental Management…
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12/21/16 By Jill Tilton

Cleaning For Infection Prevention: Enterovirus D68

Continuing on with our “Cleaning for Infection Prevention” series, our topic is now Enterovirus D68. Many people may refer to this virus as Non-Polio Enterovirus. 
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12/19/16 By Jill Tilton

Which Body Fluids Are Infectious?

In order to fully understand infection control, you must first understand which body fluids are actually infectious. What first pops into many peoples minds is blood. Of course blood can be infectious, but it does…
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11/17/16 By Jill Tilton

Cleaning For Infection Prevention: Influenza A

 There are so many outbreaks each year that are cause for concern. Many of these outbreaks, however, can be contained or even prevented if proper cleaning techniques are put into place in your facility. Influenza…
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10/04/16 By Jill Tilton

Did you know that cleaning is an investment?

It is an investment into your employee’s health Sometimes you have to think about the numbers; well all the time if you are a business owner. You allot your employees sick time and personal days…
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09/13/16 By Jill Tilton

APIC | New infographic on preventing infections in ambulatory surgery centers

At the top of this infographic is what we at Safetec of America find to be incredibly important and work on each and every day. Hand Hygiene. Following the proper procedures for cleaning your hands…
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09/06/16 By Jill Tilton

A Little Bit of Safetec Goes a Long Way

How to use our products to avoid getting sick Where do you spend the majority of your time? Is it in the classroom, at home, or at the office? If the answer is any of…
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09/05/16 By Jill Tilton

When I Drip, You Drip, We Drip

Your Guide to Automatic & Manual Hand Sanitizer Dispensers When you are thinking about the best products for hand sanitation needs, the top product on your list should be the dispenser. There are generally two…
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09/01/16 By Jill Tilton

What Is Red Z® Used for?

Red Z® Solidifier is one of our highest selling items and what actually put Safetec on the map in the late 1980’s. You see, in this time period, the AIDS Epidemic was nearing its peak…
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08/03/16 By Jill Tilton

Headed to the Olympics? Read This!

With the Olympic games just around the corner, what seems to be the buzzing topic is the mosquitoes and the spread of the Zika virus. One would think that all of the chatter would be…
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10/06/14 By Jill Tilton

CDC Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Known or Suspected Ebola Patients in U.S. Hospitals

HAND HYGIENE• HCP (Healthcare Personnel) should perform hand hygiene frequently, including before and after all patient contact, contact with potentially infectious material, and before putting on and upon removal of PPE, including gloves.
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