Cold and Flu

04/15/20 By Megan Malke

How to make your office safer during and after COVID-19

As the ultimate champions of a safe and healthy workplace, Safetec wants to help everyone stay healthy in the office. Whether you are currently in an office environment or preparing to reopen, let’s cover the…
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02/12/20 By Safetec

Confirming The Necessity To Be Vigilant About Avoiding Respiratory Illnesses

With 45,171 confirmed cases and the death toll rising over 1,100, the virus recently named COVID-19, which originated in Wuhan, China continues to be a growing concern globally. China recorded a new daily record of…
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01/29/20 By Safetec

Severe Flu Outbreak Alert: Victoria/B Strain

Flu season has arrived in the US, and it is one of the most severe outbreaks in recent history. This year the dominant strain is the Influenza B strain named Victoria, and health experts are…
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01/22/20 By Safetec

How Important Is Hand Washing During Flu Season?

Flu season is here, and with it comes people who are unaware that their hand hygiene habits may not protect them from the influenza virus. This year the virus has been extraordinarily volatile, and deaths have increased…
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01/08/20 By Safetec

RSV and Influenza Update for 2019-2020 Season

The 2019-2020 flu season in the United States has been off to a fast and hard-hitting start with 6.4 million cases of Influenza already and 2,900 deaths from influenza. This season has been particularly strange since the dominant strain…
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08/28/19 By Safetec

What Can Happen If You Forget To Wash Your Hands?

Washing your hands is an essential part of daily routines that can help to keep you safer from potentially harmful microorganisms. There are a wide range of problems that could arise if you do not…
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03/13/19 By Safetec

What is RSV & Who is at Risk?

During the winter months, children and older adults are particularly at high risk for contracting Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). According to the CDC, almost all children will be infected with RSV by the age of…
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03/06/19 By Safetec

Hand Sanitizer Is Essential During Cold & Flu Season

With the cold and flu season upon us in these winter months, repeated use of hand sanitizer is essential to keeping ourselves healthy and preventing sickness during this time of the year. Regular use of…
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02/27/19 By Safetec

Influenza: 2018-2019 Flu Season (so far)

Every year people want to know approaching flu season how effective the flu vaccination will be and how severe of a flu season it will likely be as well. At this point in the season,…
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02/13/19 By Safetec

From Bad to Worse; an Early 2018-2019 Flu Season Analysis

How many times have we pushed off the first signs of illness only for it to emerge as the flu? What happens next varies from person to person. Some people are bedridden, others attempt to…
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11/19/18 By Safetec

Work: A Bacterial Breeding Ground

How many times have you felt sick, but came into work anyway because you feared you would anger your boss or let your co-workers down. Because of actions like this and the high traffic of…
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10/22/18 By Safetec

The Flu; Minor Inconvenience or Deadly Disease

For most people, it is easy to forget about the flu when scares about different diseases are plastered all over the news media. However, the flu remains one of the most deadly diseases to ravage…
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