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We are your trusted source for infection control, first aid and compliance products for over 24 years. All of our products are locally made here in the USA in our facility in Buffalo, NY. We work with distributors around the world to sell our products. We have the capabilities to private label our first aid and infection control products. Our number one concern is your company’s safety and success. Contact us today to become a distributor or find out how to buy our products.

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Help Prevent the Spread of the Flu this School Year (Aug. 23, 2016)
Kids get sick, we all know this. But there are so many easy to follow procedures to help prevent the spread of the flu to each and every student this year.

Burn Treatment Guide (Aug. 15, 2016)
A burn can happen nearly anywhere. If you are laying out in the sun around the pool, cooking at the stove or grill, or changing a lightbulb in the bedroom. Here is our quick guide on how to identify and then treat a burn using Safetec products.

What is Green-Z (Aug. 18, 2016)
Are you looking for a safe and cost effective way to clean up blood, bodily fluids or hazardous substances? Then Green-Z can be your answer.

April 22, 2016
Protect Against Mosquito Bites with Safetec Insect Repellant
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) today issued new guidance and information for protecting workers from occupational exposure to Zika virus. Learn More

August 9, 2016
We are now offering FREE Samples to distributors and our valued representatives. Click here to learn more!

MAY 20, 2016

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