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hospital operating room

Operating Room in Hospital

For 25 years Safetec of America, Inc. has been manufacturing products in Buffalo, NY for Occupational Health & Safety facilities like yours. We have several contracts with construction, transportation, service sector, and Jan-San businesses, and we can find a distributor in your region to get you anything from our line of infection control and first aid products that you may need.

Occupationally, healthcare workers are exposed to so many infectious diseases during working hours. This includes doctors, nurses, technicians, lab workers, first responders, maintenance, security, food service, and more. In order to protect everyone that takes care of us while we are ill, Safetec developed several lines of products that can combat the spread of infectious disease.

If you are in need of a Multi-Purpose Spill Kit that will solidify gallons of various spills and will work well for medical, industrial, transportation and spill response personnel; we have you covered. This kit also meets requirements for compliance with the D.O.T. 1713 hazardous discharge; EPA 623.30 immediate action and 263.31 discharge cleanup.


Transportation Industry

If you are looking for a kit that will just provide personal protection, we offer that as well. The EZ-Personal Protection Kit provides complete exposure protection from potentially infectious blood or body fluid. It is also a pandemic and infection control product.

For a further list of all of our infection control and first aid items, check out our products page. Interested in purchasing or distributing any of the products that we manufacture here in the U.S.A? Contact us today at sales@safetec.com or by phone 800-456-7077.