Healthcare Facilities


Healthcare Facility

Are you looking for the best supplies to keep your healthcare facility and employees safe while at work from infections and contamination? Safetec of America, Inc. is the answer. We have been working with distributors in your area for 28 years to put our products on lab, hospital, long-term care facilities, pharmacy shelves, and on ambulances.

Safetec offers products to help control the spread of infection when there is any sort of spill from blood to vomit or urine to clean up. We also have lines of products dedicated to sanitize your employee’s hands, others for pain relief and lastly disinfectants.

Before your employees go to assist a patient, we want to be there to be the first line of defense against the spread of germs. Utilize our Instant Hand Sanitizer that will kill 99.9% of widespread germs.

We also have product lines to take care of some of the smaller issues that you might come across in your healthcare facility, ambulance, fire station or a police station. These items include Burn Cream, Spray and Gel, Single Antibiotic Ointments, and Hydrogen Peroxide Spray.

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Click below to see some of our most popular products. If you are interested in learning how to purchase or even distribute any of our infection control or first aid products, contact us now.