Antibiotic ointments: What’s different and what’s the same?

05/15/24 By Emily Miller

When it comes to first aid, one common and popular item is antibiotic ointment. Whether it is a single or triple, antibiotic ointments can be found in nearly every first aid kit. But, what’s the difference?

Safetec of America, Inc. manufactures both single and triple antibiotic ointments in our state-of-the-art FDA-regulated facility located in Buffalo, N.Y. For over 30 years, Safetec has been a leading manufacturer of first aid, infection control, and over-the-counter products.

Our triple antibiotic ointment contains Bacitracin, Neomycin and Polymyxin B, designed to prevent infection. We offer two different single antibiotic ointments, one with Bacitracin and another with Neomycin. All of our antibiotic ointments work to stop the growth of various bacteria.

Used as topical treatments, our antibiotic ointments are ideal for application to minor cuts, burns, and scrapes. Their broad-spectrum coverage against various bacteria increases their effectiveness in combating any infections.

Why have different ointments?

Keeping multiple different antibiotic ointments on hand is beneficial to those who may have allergies to a certain ingredient. If you’re allergic to an ingredient in a triple antibiotic ointment, having a single allows you to treat a minor skin injury or irritation while avoiding an allergic reaction or discomfort.

The overuse of some antibiotics, like those found in single and triple antibiotic ointments, can cause people to develop a resistance, limiting the effectiveness of the ointment. By keeping multiple options on hand and using different formulations, a resistance to antibiotic ointments can be avoided.

Our antibiotic ointments are manufactured in single-use pouches and available in both carton and bulk configurations, making them ideal for first aid kits, kit packers, work vehicles, on-the-go, and more. With multiple configurations, Safetec’s Antibiotic Ointment Line meets the American National Standards Institute’s minimum requirements.

Under ANSI, antibiotic ointments are required to be packaged in single-use, non-reusable applications containing a minimum of 0.5 g. of product. Our line of antibiotic ointments are available in 0.5 g and 0.9 g sizes, in box and bulk quantities, providing customers with the ability to find the product that fits them best.

What’s the same?

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and works to prevent harmful bacteria from entering the body. When it is damaged, there is an increased risk of infection due to various harmful bacteria entering the wound.

With Safetec’s antibiotic ointments, you can protect your skin against harmful infections while promoting the healing process and reducing scarring.

All OTC drugs are required to meet FDA quality, effectiveness, and safety standards. Our antibiotics are thoroughly tested by our team of experts in our FDA-regulated facility, ensuring that you are getting a quality product.

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As a full-service manufacturer, we are committed to providing customers, partners, and private label distributors with a quality, American-made product. All our products are manufactured under all regulatory requirements, OSHA protocols, and Current Good Manufacturing Practices.