Germ Guard Case Bundle

Introducing the Germ Guard Bundle: Your ultimate defense against germs! This comprehensive bundle includes four powerful products designed to protect you from harmful germs and maintain a clean environment.

Includes one case each of our 16 oz. Hand Sanitizer, p.a.w.s.® Antimicrobial Towelette, 16 oz. SaniWash®, and 32 oz. SaniZide Pro 1® Spray

From killing 99.9% of germs on your hands to disinfecting surfaces and maintaining a hygienic space, this bundle offers superior protection and significant savings. Invest in the Germ Guard Bundle today and fortify your defenses for a healthier, germ-free classroom!

Price: Original price was: $280.00.Current price is: $246.83.
  • Product Overview

    This Bundle Includes One Case of Each Product listed below:

    Hand Sanitizer 16 oz. Pump Bottle (Fresh)
    (12 Bottles per Case) (SKU: 17354)

    PAWS Antimicrobial Towelette, 100 ct. box
    (10 Boxes per Case) (SKU: 34400)

    SaniWash 16 oz. Pump Bottle
    (12 Bottles per Case) (SKU: 34452)

    SaniZide Pro 1 32 oz. Bottle w/ Sprayer
    (6 Bottles per Case) (SKU: 35910)

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