Accident Clean-Up Case Bundle

Introducing the Accident Clean-up Bundle: Your comprehensive solution for quick clean-ups!

Includes one case of each of the EZ-Clean Plus® Kit, Red Z® 5 oz. Shaker Bottle, 16 oz Speedy Cleanz® Shaker Bottle, and 50 ct. Box of SaniZide Pro 1® Wipes.

With these essential tools, you’ll be prepared to efficiently handle any spill or accident. Don’t let accidents disrupt your day—invest in the Accident Clean-up Bundle to keep teachers and students safe!

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  • Product Overview

    This Bundle Includes One Case of Each Product listed below:

    EZ Clean Plus Kit
    (24 Kits per Case) (SKU: 17121)

    Red Z 5 oz. Shaker Top Bottle
    (24 Bottles per Case) (SKU: 41101)

    Speedy Cleanz 16 oz Shaker Top Bottle
    (12 Bottles per Case) (SKU: 41100)

    SaniZide Pro 1 Wipes 50 ct. Box
    (6 Boxes per Case) (SKU: 35926)

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