Red Z® Spill Control Solidifier Single/Multi-Use Bottles

Healthcare facilities must focus on maintaining high levels of worker safety while reducing operating costs. Help improve surgical room turnover and worker safety when handling or transporting liquid medical waste with the use of Red Z® single and multi-use bottles.

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    SKU's / Product Specs

    Up To 1,500cc Screw Top Bottle (SKU 41000)
    Case Qty. 75 Bottles/ Case Wt. 11lbs.

    Up To 3,000cc Screw Top Bottle (SKU 41005)
    Case Qty. 75 Bottles/ Case Wt. 15lbs.

    Up To 5,000cc Needle Nose Bottle (SKU 41105)
    Case Qty. 24 Bottles / Case Wt. 11lbs.

    Up To 22,000cc Needle Nose Bottle (SKU 41107)
    Case Qty. 12 Bottles/ Case Wt. 7lbs.


    Red Z® is shelf stable and does not require an expiration date. In order for the product to remain shelf stable, it must be kept in a cool, dry place and in its original packaging. If contents are hard or compact, simply shake the product to loosen, before use.

  • Product Overview

    Help improve operating room turnover and worker safety when handling or transporting liquid medical waste with use of pre-measured single and multi-use bottle solidifiers – Red Z®. The bottles are great for suction canisters, urology bags and kick buckets.
    • Available in variety of single/multi-use packaging options
    • Fast-acting and easy-to-use
    • Eliminates splashing and aerosolization
    • Deodorizes spills (contains chlorine)
    *Dispose of infectious waste in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations

  • Uses

    For use in: healthcare, research centers, dentist/orthodontists, mortuaries, autopsy centers, testing laboratories, blood banks, collection services, nursing homes, tattoo parlors, correctional facilities, police/fire departments, and more!

  • FAQs

    • Red Z & Green-Z

    What is the difference between Red Z® Solidifier and Green-Z® Solidifier?

    Red Z® solidifies and contains chlorine to deodorize potentially infectious blood and body fluids. Green-Z® solidifies but does not contain chlorine which makes it safe to use on chemicals such as chemotherapy drugs, glutaraldehyde, and mercury in addition to bodily fluids.

    Can Red Z® be used on a carpet?

    Yes. Before using Red Z® it is recommended to spot test a portion of the carpet before applying the product. To view our carpet clean-up video click here.


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