What Is The Difference Between Red Z® & Green-Z®?

09/26/23 By Safetec

Unexpected spills can happen anytime, anywhere, so we developed Red Z® and Green-Z® to solidify fluid spills safely and efficiently. They are fast-acting, easy-to-use, cost-effective solutions that transform spills into semi-solid masses using superabsorbent polymers. These solidifiers are effective spill control and can stop potentially infectious liquids from spreading and splashing. 

Simple Yet Effective 

Wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when working with these products is imperative to ensure safe usage.

The process is simple yet effective:

  1. Sprinkle Red Z® or Green-Z® powder to encompass the spill and evenly distribute it.
  2. Allow ample time for solidification to take place.
  3. Once the spill has solidified, use a scoop and scraper (or a similar tool) to collect the material and deposit it into an appropriate container. If disposing of infectious and hazardous waste, please follow all local, state, and federal regulations.
  4. After completing the spill cleanup, clean and disinfect the area, followed by thorough personal hygiene measures. 

What’s The Difference? 

The primary difference between Red Z® and Green-Z® hinges on their chemical composition.
Red Z® contains ch
lorine, making it a potent choice for deodorizing spills with a foul odor. On the contrary, Green-Z® does not contain chlorine, rendering it the ideal solution for scenarios where chlorine must be avoided, such as during chemotherapy, glutaraldehyde, and mercury spill cleanups or where fire or heat may be used to discard the leftover material. The selection between these two products is contingent upon the specific environment in which they are to be used. 

Choosing the Right Solidifier for the Job 

Red Z® is more widely used in areas where the potential arises for infectious blood and bodily fluid spills exist Healthcare facilities, research centers, dental and orthodontic practices, mortuaries, and testing laboratories are among its favored operational settings.  

On the other hand, Green-Z® shines in environments where chlorine-free spill cleanup is imperative. Healthcare & laboratories, correctional facilities, transportation, and nursing homes readily welcome its capabilities, making it the preferred choice when chlorine can’t be used. 

A Comparable Contender: Speedy Cleanz® Fluid Absorbent 

As we explore the topic of spill control, a remarkable alternative emerges in the form of Speedy Cleanz® Fluid Absorbent. This economical substitute for Red Z® is a versatile ally, effectively addressing a variety of bodily fluid spills, from vomit to urine. Witness its transformative ability as it turns liquids into odorless, semi-solid masses. Speedy Cleanz® is a non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly solution making it an easy choice for those seeking sustainable spill control options. 

A Unified Front for Spill Control 

In summary, Red Z®, Green-Z®, and Speedy Cleanz® make up an impressive line of spill control solutions committed to helping maintain safety while dealing with spills, from chemicals to potentially infectious blood and bodily fluid spills. With their combined capabilities, they stand as invaluable allies in spill control, ensuring the well-being of you and those around you. Whether a spill occurs at your business or in a bustling hospital or a meticulous laboratory, you have three great choices. Whether it’s Red Z®, Green-Z®, or Speedy Cleanz®—all three options are available in different sizes and packaging. Reach out to one of our Account Managers today to discuss what spill solutions are right for your facility. Contact us now!