Burn Care: How Our Burn Line Beats the Competition

04/11/24 By Emily Miller

When it comes to treating minor burns, there are many options available. At Safetec, we offer a full line of Burn Care products that are not only effective but also easy to use, bringing relief to burns quicker than home remedies and other brands. Unlike other products on the market that may have watered-down ingredients, or feel thick and sticky– ours has better ingredients, more packaging options, and multiple uses, providing you with comfort and reassurance when you need to treat minor burns.

Why Safetec products?

Our Burn Gel products are made with aloe vera that moisturizes and is easily absorbed into your skin without leaving behind a sticky feeling or trapping heat. Along with aloe vera, our Burn Gel and Burn Spray contain 2% lidocaine to help ease the pain and discomfort of minor burns from chemical, electrical, and fire-related burns. It is also great to use for heat rash, kitchen accidents, and minor scalds.

Not only can they be used for minor burn treatment, but as after-sun care as well. The fast-drying formula and menthol gives skin a cooling sensation, which is similar to the feeling a traditional after-sun product gives you. Apply it directly onto the skin after a sunny day outside to ease the sting of sunburn.

A lot of burn products out on the market have a thick consistency; products can easily be washed off instead of absorbed into the affected area, defeating the purpose of relieving the discomfort and pain from minor burns.

Designed for convenience

This product line was designed with your convenience in mind. They are available in single-use pouches of varying sizes, making them a perfect option for kit packers, refilling first-aid kits, work vehicles, and bags, or for use on the go. Our cartons come in 25 ct. or 144 ct. boxes, a must-have for first-aid kits or as a standalone. Compact and easy to use, our 2 oz. spray is an essential addition to your first-aid kit, ensuring you can swiftly address burn injuries without contaminating the area with the handy spray feature.

Unlike larger corporations, which may be on back-order and have long lead times, Safetec’s Burn Care products are always in stock and ready to ship, ensuring that you can always be prepared for any burn-related emergencies. And our competitive rates mean you get a quality product when you need it. Why settle for watered-down solutions when you can trust Safetec to offer you the best product for the right price?

Who is Safetec of America, Inc.?

We are a trusted manufacturer of first-aid, infection control, and over-the-counter (OTC) products. Established in 1992 in Buffalo, N.Y., we have since flourished, now operating across three modern facilities. Our commitment to quality is unwavering; every product, including our popular Burn Gel and Spray, is meticulously crafted within our state-of-the-art FDA-regulated facility.

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Adhering strictly to Good Manufacturing Practices, our facilities uphold the highest standards, ensuring each item meets rigorous safety and efficacy criteria. Proudly American-made, from production to distribution, our products are manufactured on-site and dispatched from our renovated distribution center, conveniently located near our manufacturing facilities.

As a locally owned business, we prioritize customer satisfaction above all else, delivering premium products designed to offer effective, hassle-free solutions. With burns being an unpredictable occurrence, our user-friendly range of gels and sprays ensures that in moments of need, individuals can rely on us for dependable burn care.