Chemotherapy Spill Kit (49725) (Chemical and Liquid Metal Spill Kit)

This Chemotherapy Spill Kit is designed for the cleanup of spills involving cytotoxic drugs. It features the Safetec® Green-Z® solidifier to solidify and contain hazardous chemical spills for quick and easy cleanup and disposal with minimal exposure.

Kit Contents

• Nitrile Gloves (Quantity: 2 Pairs)
• Full-Face Safety Shield
• Chemotherapy Gown
• Green-Z® Solidifier (21g. Pouch)
• Scoop & Scraper
• Wiper Pads (2)
• Shoe Covers (non-slip)
• Red Bio-hazard Waste Bag (33g)
• Twist tie
• Identification tag
• Instructions
• Caution Sign

(Case Qty. 12 / Case Wt. 8lbs.)

Available Sizes:

Chemotherapy Spill Kit 49725
(Case Qty. 12 / Case Wt. tbd)

For use anywhere cytotoxic drugs are used.

Kit Instructions/SDS
Green-Z® SDS


Product Sell Sheet (PDF)

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