Q & A with Health Care Logistics, Inc.

03/18/21 By Megan Malke

Q & A with Health Care Logistics

Health Care Logistics, Inc. (HCL) has been a health care industry leader specializing in manufacturing, packaging, and distributing unique and hard-to-find products since 1978. Since 2016, they have been a valued distributing partner of Safetec brand products. They distribute Safetec Red Z® Spill Control Solidifier, SaniZide Plus® Surface Disinfectant Spray, Zorb Sheets, and most recently, Safetec’s prepackaged spill kits

Since HCL decided to add Safetec spill kits to their product offering, the team at Safetec sat down with HCL’s Mallory Bostwick, Senior Product Manager, for a Q & A session.

What is your position at Health Care Logistics, Inc., and what does it entail? 

I am the Senior Product Manager at Health Care Logistics, Inc.. It is my job to make sure we have the right products for our customers. 

Why did you add Safetec kits to your product offering? 

Generally, Safetec has products on hand when some of our other suppliers do not. Safetec’s team is also very responsive to questions and concerns. It’s a breath of fresh air. 

Of the markets you serve, which do you find are purchasing the most Spill Kits and why? 

Our primary market is the hospital, followed by long-term care and other medical facilities. Safetec Chemo spill kits are purchased by Pharmacy departments, as they are responsible for hazardous medication cleanup. The other spill kits are purchased by Nursing or Environmental Services (depending on how the facility sets up their budget). 

Are spill kits a high-demand product for your customers? 

Of course, the pandemic has increased demand for convenient access to PPE and disinfectants, but this is a high-demand category in general. We do not see this changing any time soon. We believe the demand will remain due to a lingering awareness of cross-contamination and infection prevention. 

Made in America, for America

Safetec offers convenient prepacked spill cleanup kits that fit in any industry and meet the recommendations and guidelines established by the Department of Health, Department of Labor & Department of Transportation with high-quality, American-made components. Position a Safetec spill kit next to every first aid cabinet in the event of an accident. If you already have a storage cabinet in an area where you’d like to put a spill kit or have old spill kit containers that need restocking, nearly all of our spill kits have refills available. 

Safetec offers a wide range of spill kits designed to meet most needs for any facility or vehicle. Our kits are perfect for office & facility managers, EVS/maintenance staff, nursing staff and managers, cleaning and janitorial staff, retail, restaurant managers, guest services & resort staff, school nurses, bus drivers, and lab technicians. Safetec’s group of expert account managers can recommend the spill kit that best meets any industry or facility needs to stay compliant.