Why Should You Choose Safetec’s SaniZide Pro 1 Over Bleach?

10/23/19 By Safetec

We get it, bleach is very mainstream. It is in nearly every grocery store, in every house, and at many workplaces. Bleach kills nearly everything it comes into contact with, and there in lies its downfall. Bleach is incredibly effective at killing off germs and bacteria, but it can also be incredibly damaging, and there are many studies proving this.

A study published in March 2015 in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine looked at data from more than 9,000 children from Spain, the Netherlands, and Finland. Parents of the children were asked to report the frequency of infections experienced by their child over the past year, and they were also asked whether or not they (or anybody else) used bleach to clean the child’s home at least once per week.

The results showed that in households where bleach was used, the prevalence of infections was higher. Specifically, the data from the Netherlands showed significantly higher rates of influenza in children of bleach users, and the data from Finland showed higher rates of sinusitis and pneumonia.

For one, cleaning products like bleach produce volatile compounds (which become airborne) that can be inhaled, irritate the lining of the respiratory tract, and cause inflammation, which facilitates infection. Bleach may also have immunosuppressive effects that could contribute to an increased risk of infection.

Other cleaning products can be harmful to respiratory health as well. For example, kids who were exposed to the most antimicrobial cleaning products in their homes had the highest rates of allergic symptoms. The chlorine in bleach releases a scent that can burn your respiratory system if you’re exposed to a massive amount at once or repeatedly exposed over time. Bleach must always be used in a well-ventilated area, and never mix it with other cleaning chemicals (such as glass-cleaners like Windex, which contain ammonia) to avoid a possibly lethal combination. Bleach should be kept separate from other cleaning products.

SaniZidePro1_GroupSo what is the alternative? SaniZide Pro 1, a one-step, one-minute surface disinfectant that does not need any diluting at all. SaniZide Pro 1 effectively kills 48 microorganisms in one minute and it is ideal for use in hospitals, medical and dental offices, ambulances, ambulatory surgery centers, nursing homes, laboratories, pharmacies, daycare’s, and other healthcare related institutions. Even better, it is safe for repeated use on hard, non-porous surfaces. Looking at the alternative of bleach, it will damage surfaces and it can make you sick with repeated use. 

Interested in comparing SaniZide Pro 1 to other disinfectants that you may be using? Download the SaniZide Pro 1 Wipes efficacy comparison or Spray comparison sheet.