SaniZide Pro 1 – For Restaurants and JanSan Environments

10/09/19 By Safetec

When you visit a restaurant, gym, grocery store, school, or another JanSan facility, one of the first things most people notice is the cleanliness of the facility. A dirty restaurant, for example, can cause customers to walk out and leave negative reviews, or in severe cases, it can bring down the wrath of a health inspector. In addition to a dirty facility causing customer dissatisfaction, they can be breeding grounds for disease-causing microorganisms. Many JanSan businesses use disinfectants to keep their facilities pathogen-free after they clean the surfaces.  

SaniZidePro1_150ct_mockupIt is crucial in these environments that heavily trafficked areas can be repeatedly disinfected without the fear of degradation or harm to others who touch the surface. Safetec’s  SaniZide Pro 1 is non-abrasive and safe for repeated use on hard, non-porous surfaces such as tabletops, seats, sinks, appliance exteriors, desks, toilet seats, hard hats, athletic equipment, and many more things except for surfaces used for the processing, preparation, or serving of food. This fragrance-free formula will leave your facility fresh, clean, and deodorized. Additionally, Pro 1 doesn’t need any dilution and is ready to go right after opening the package. In an environment where rapid disinfection is necessary that feature come in handy. The final important feature of Pro 1 is a super-fast one-minute kill claim for killing over 48 microorganisms including Salmonella, E. coli, Norovirus, and Staphylococcus aureus. 

Due to the necessity of quick disinfection, the frequency of use, and the need to clean multiple non-porous surfaces, SaniZide Pro 1 satisfies all the needs of the JanSan and restaurant markets. More information about SaniZide Pro 1 can be found online at