SaniZide Pro 1 Disinfectant Spray

10/02/19 By Safetec

Disinfecting is a significant part of maintaining a business in the healthcare, JanSan, food-service, or veterinary industry. Companies must understand the disinfecting options widely available on the market. Disinfectant products come in a variety of forms, but the most common are wipes and sprays. Safetec’s options are ready to use and don’t require additional dilution methods, unlike some competitors options. Spray disinfectants are preferable in situations where general disinfection is necessary because the spray can cover a larger area than a wipe-down can. Additionally, sprays can be applied to previously cleaned surfaces without the need to perform any additional work, spray and keep the surface wet for the duration of the kill claim.

SaniZidePro1_32oz_Spray_mockupSome major players in the spray disinfectant field are PDI, Metrex, Clorox, Micro-Scientific, Diversey, and Palmero Healthcare. Most of these other players disinfectants are also formulated using the Alcohol-Quaternary formula that is commonly used in hospital environments. Safetec’s SaniZide Pro 1 is aiming to be your go-to solution in the disinfectant field.

Pro 1 is a broad spectrum, EPA Registered surface disinfectant that combines cleaning and disinfecting in one simple step with its ready-to-use, alcohol-based hospital-grade formula. SaniZide Pro 1 makes staying compliant even more manageable by reducing the risk of cross-contamination with true, one-minute kill claims that are effective at killing 48 microorganisms and safe for repeated use on hard, non-porous surfaces. Additionally, Pro 1’s true one-minute kill claim and the number of organisms it can kill in that time makes it one of the fastest and most effective disinfectants on the market.

If your facility is looking for a ready to use, hospital grade, disinfecting spray, look no further than Safetec’s SaniZide Pro 1.