Give your first aid kit check up

05/28/20 By Megan Malke

With summer finally in sight and business starting to reopen, now is the best time to give your first aid kit a checkup. Minor injuries haven’t exactly been top of mind amid the Coronavirus Pandemic, but it’s essential to prepare with a properly stocked first aid kit.

While you can buy a pre-packaged first aid kit at most drugstores, it’s best to pack your first aid kit based on your needs, activities, industry or facility. Also, keep in mind where your first aid kit is stored.

Let’s walk through the steps of checking and restocking your first aid kit or cabinet.

Inspect your first aid kit or cabinetUntitled design (13)

Check for used or damaged products, expiration dates, and observe usage. Inspecting your first aid kit or cabinet is to organize, prepare, restock, and ensure the products are safe to use. As a general rule, most items should be single-use to avoid cross-contamination. Any partially used products should be tossed out along with all expired products. When checking supplies, pay attention to what’s been used. This will help you plan for the future and prevent you from possibly running out of items.

First aid kit basics

  • Adhesive bandage
  • Adhesive tape
  • Antibiotic application
  • Antiseptic
  • Breathing barrier
  • Burn dressing (gel soaked)
  • Burn treatment
  • Cold pack
  • Scissors
  • Hand sanitizer
  • First-aid guide

Note that ANSI/ISEA also provides recommended quantities based on class.

Now that you’ve organized your first aid kit, it’s time to beef it up with the summertime essentials.


Are you and your employees outdoors often? Rule #1 for safe summer fun (or work) is sunscreen. Don’t overlook the importance of individualized packets of sunscreen. These can be kept in the house, on a job site, even in your pocket. There are very real dangers associated with sun exposure that are easy to overlook in the workplace. Providing sunscreen for daily use to outdoor workers is a great way to reduce risk.

Insect repellent

When the temperatures go up, the critters come out. We don’t like to think of disease when it comes to itty bitty bugs, but it can happen. Protect yourself and your workers with packets of insect repellent. Safetec has formulated a Deet free insect repellant to complement our line of infection control, first aid, and personal protection products. Our pesticide-free formula contains the natural plant-based repellents Citronella oil and Soybean oil, making it safer for use on both children and adults.

Sting Relief

Most stings or bites are harmless on their own, but scratching can lead to a secondary infection. Sting relief provides temporary relief from pain or itching due to a bite or sting. Apply to the affected area and feel relief fast; dries instantly. Choose from individually wrapped towelettes or the “no-touch” spray applicator.

Triple Antibiotic cream

Triple antibiotic ointment is essential to any first aid kit because it treats small wounds and prevents infection. Safetec’s triple antibiotic ointment contains Bacitracin Zinc, Neomycin Sulfate, and Polymyxin-B Sulfate. The combination provides relief and can kill bacteria on your skin. Safetec also offers options for single antibiotic ointment.


Safetec offers a wide variety of products to help you restock or add to your first aid kit. Keeping your employees prepared for any first aid occasion is easy and convenient in single-use pouches or packets. Check out Safetec’s Product page to view more first aid items such as Instant Hand Sanitizer, Antibiotic Ointments, Burn Cream, Hydrocortisone Cream, Burn Gel & Spray, Oral Pain Relief, Antiseptic Spray, and much more!

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