Fighting infection risks with solidifier

05/21/20 By Dana Szymkowiak

The field of infection control never stays static for too long. New threats are sure to emerge, new guidelines, technology advances, and revised protocol continues to further the field. Fluid medical waste safety hasn’t exactly been at the forefront of infection control in recent years …except for here at Safetec, where we continue to develop and manufacture variations of fluid medical waste solidifier.

cleaning up hospitalBy the mid-1980s, here in the U.S., the AIDS epidemic was raging through the country. Cleaning up and disposing of liquid medical waste became one of the most dangerous jobs. Without a safe way of handling bodily fluids, the threat of further spreading HIV/AIDS paralyzed healthcare facilities with fear of infection.

In the late 1980s, Safetec stepped up to address the need for a safe system of handling bodily fluids. Enter Red Z® Solidifier.

Red Z® Solidifier

Red Z® Solidifier became a fast and effective way to solidify and deodorize potentially infectious blood and body fluids. Just one ounce solidifies over one liter of water-based fluid. Solidifier became the game-changer in medial waste clean up and disposal. Red Z® Solidifier eliminates splashing and makes the clean-up of blood and other bodily fluids safer by solidifying and turning spills into semi-solid (gel) mass.

Along the way, Safetec has developed an extensive suite of products to aid in the fight against infection and increase safety in the workplace, but we’ve never strayed far from our roots. Over time, Safetec developed multiple variations of solidifiers to improve ease of use and convenience across almost all industries.

Green-Z® Spill Control Solidifier

Green-Z® Spill Control Solidifier has all the benefits of Red Z® Solidifier but without chlorine, making it a safe option for chemotherapy, glutaraldehyde, and mercury spills. At times, workers may be unintentionally exposed to blood and bodily fluid spills along with other harmful substances such as toxic chemicals, biological hazards, and chemotherapy agents.

To make clean up more efficient, Safetec developed different packaging options based on the amount needed for specific containers.

Single & Multi-Use Bottles

Help improve operating room turnover and worker safety when handling or transporting liquid medical waste with the use of pre-measured single and multi-use bottle solidifiers – Red Z and Green-Z. The bottles are great for suction canisters, urology bags, and kick buckets. Single-use bottle solidifiers eliminate the need for measuring and the risk of not using enough. Multi-use bottles are great to have on hand in your janitorial closet or first aid kit. These bottles ensure you have enough solidifier to clean up most bodily fluid messes or spills safely.

Pour-In Pouches

Single-use pre-measured powder with an easy-pour angled pouch is perfect for narrow openings of suction canisters. All you need to do is snip angled pouch with scissors and pour in.

Drop-In Pacs

Drop-in pacs are a newly designed medical solidifier with an advanced self-dissolving technology to instantly absorb and solidify fluid waste. Drop-in pacs Contain the same super absorbent polymers as used in Red Z and Green-Z bottles; these slender pouches are made with faster acting, innovative water-soluble paper. Some uses include kick buckets, operating rooms, red biohazard bags, suction canisters, and wound care therapy.

Zorb Sheets

Reduce handling, shipping, and compliance risks of diagnostic specimens, infectious substances, and dangerous goods by using superabsorbent Zorb Sheets. These lightweight space-saving versatile sheets provide unique absorption and encapsulation properties ideal for safe, compliant packaging and specimen transportation. Zorb sheets are available in multiple sizes. The tissue-based material allows fluid to immediately activate the superabsorbent polymers to solidify and transform the contents into a semi-solid (gel) mass. In the event of a spill or leak, it creates an extra protection barrier for workers’ safety.


Bodily fluid spills can happen anywhere in any industry. In almost all facilities, there is a reasonable risk to blood exposure (a slip and fall, a cut with scissors, etc.). It’s essential to be prepared and understand safety protocol for bodily fluids:

  • Treat all human blood and bodily fluids as if they were infected and take precautionary measures.
  • Don’t collect or dispose of contaminated materials without wearing gloves.
  • Dispose of gloves immediately after handling contaminated materials.
  • Don’t dispose of contaminated materials in a regular trash can. Use a biohazard bag and dispose of it correctly.
  • Make sure your facility is prepared and compliant with OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Standard. Have the proper PPE and solidifier products on hand.

Focus where it matters

Safetec’s passion has always been to develop products that solve infection control issues. Safetec is dedicated to finding better solutions for all industries and facilities by observing, listening, and questioning the current way of doing things.

Since day one, Safetec developed and designed products with our end users’  safety in mind, and that will continue to be our priority so you can focus on what really matters, your patients and employees.


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