Workplace Injuries [Infographic]

08/16/16 By cypressnorth

Journey to Safety Excellence

We found this great infographic about Workplace Injuries put together by the NSC and we found it to be so valuable that we wanted to share it with you. The numbers are almost unbelievable; nearly 13,000 American workers are injured each day. The worst part about it, many (if not all) of these injuries are preventable if more attention is given.

If you are in the service, manufacturing, transportation, maintenance or construction business – this infographic is so valuable for you to read. Just think about the bottom line, how much money you can save by not paying out sick days, workers compensation or even keeping production running on schedule with a few small changes. Keeping your workers safe is a top priority at Safetec of America and it should be yours as well.

Journey to Safety Excellence
Provided by the National Safety Council