The Most High Risk Jobs & Industries In The U.S.

07/31/17 By Jordan Weinstein

Every year thousands of workers are either injured in accidents or become ill due to picking up diseases from their work place. In 2015, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics made a list of the most dangerous job industries and states. The five most high-risk states for injuries or illnesses are Maine, Vermont, Washington, Montana, and Alaska. While the five lowest risk states are Louisiana, New York, Texas, Virginia, and South Carolina.
The number of injuries and illnesses acquired in each state is based on what industry strives the most in that area and where the state focuses their attention on proper safety protocols. Surprisingly, the number one most dangerous industry is Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting, which is why Washington, Montana, and Alaska are some of the more dangerous states. Fishing or aquaculture jobs are the most dangerous area in this industry because of the unpredictable waters and bad weather.

Some other dangerous industries are Transportation and Warehousing, Health Care and Social Assistance, Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation, and finally Construction. All these jobs cause either physical strain on the employee or potential infections from diseases.

Although Manufacturing is only the sixth most dangerous industry, the specific jobs within it are at the highest risk. These jobs include household furniture and mobile/motor home manufacturing. Due to their work with big machinery, employees will have hearing loss problems because of the noises, are exposed to harsh chemicals, and can have bodily injuries.

Now that people know what areas of work are the most dangerous, it is important that both employees and employers take precautions on how to be safe and work around the potential crises’.



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