Can There Be A Completely Sterile Environment?

10/26/17 By Dana Szymkowiak

“You would think that a hospital is the most germ-free place, specifically designed for people to recover from illness, not catch them” but a recent study conducted by the US National Institutes of Health and the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention points to a different conclusion. The research study tracked 40 nurses who wore three types of scrubs (a traditional cotton-polyester blend; one treated with silver-alloy inside fibers; and one treated to kill bacteria) over three 12-hour shifts in which they monitored one or two patients in a medical or surgical intensive care unit.

Researchers monitored germs by taking cultures from the nurses’ clothing as well as from patients and the surrounding hospital environment. “The findings showed that the scrubs were contaminated at the same level regardless of type.” Despite presumptions of a hospital environment, it is important to remember, “There is no such thing as a sterile environment. Bacteria and pathogens will always be in the environment.” As doctors and nurses play an often-overlooked role in spreading germs, they must create protocols and implement devices to encourage improved cleaning of the health care environment.

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