Where Are The Germ Hot Spots?

05/16/18 By Lindsey McCarthy

How often do you come across a situation where you think to yourself, “I wish I had hand sanitizer with me right now.”? There are a countless number of times when I get caught without hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes and instantly regret it.

Gas pumps are one of the dirtiest things a person can touch. Imagine the number of people who use the gas pump within just one day. Microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba of the University of Arizona research showed 71% of the gas-pump handles sampled were “highly contaminated” with microbes that are associated with illness and disease. With that being said, keeping hand sanitizer in your car for after you fill up your gas tank is in your best interest.

germs are on a shopping cartDr. Charles Gerba had also conducted a study on shopping carts. Of the 85 random carts tested, 50% carried E. Coli, and 72% contained coliform bacteria, which suggests there is fecal material on the cart. These bacteria can be transferred to our food either from touching the cart or from us moving the food. The wipes that grocery stores provide customers often do not contain alcohol, which would kill germs almost instantly.

Another hot spot for germs is your local gym. Two of the most common places in the gym to find bacteria and viruses are weights and in the locker room. Even MRSA has been found on medicine balls at the gym. With the humid atmosphere in the locker room, it is the perfect place for germs to multiply. Our shoes may even track in bacteria such as fecal matter. If you aren’t careful, you can contract an infection very quickly without the proper hygiene practices.

Of course, hospitals and doctors offices are another place to be careful. Whether you are going there because you are sick or for your annual physical, germs are all over the place. With all of the scenarios above, Safetec of America, Inc. can provide you products to protect you from most illnesses. Our Instant Hand Sanitizers, SaniZide Plus Germicidal Wipes, and SaniWash Antimicrobial Hand Soap are all beneficial to your health at gas stations, grocery stores, gyms, and the hospital or doctor’s office. Be sure to stay safe and keep up with hand hygiene routines!