First Aid in Schools

11/12/18 By Safetec

I’m sure you’ve experienced at some point, a fall in gym class resulting in a cut and a swift visit to the school nurse. Schools see numerous types of accidents on a daily basis. Some accidents are minor, whereas some require immediate medical attention. Having qualified first aid staff, and teaching students the importance of first aid from a young age could help lower the severity of these accidents.

firstaidThe first thing to address is the types of accidents that occur in schools, and how having first aid trained students will help. In situations like cuts and scrapes, seeing a nurse and getting a bandage will suffice, but in cases like a nosebleed, if someone is choking, if someone is unresponsive, if someone has a broken bone, if someone has an allergic reaction or an asthma attack serious action must be taken.  Having trained students will allow them to take action and stabilize the patient until medical professionals can arrive.

Some might question the logistical aspect of training kids in first aid, but the training of students is something that many educational professionals think is important. Providing this training would ensure that the students are capable of assisting in first aid procedures until medical professionals can arrive. Many times it takes first responders around eight to ten minutes to reach the accident site, so stabilizing the injured person is crucial.

In addition to having proper safety training, it is important to have readily available first aid supplies. Safetec manufactures a wide range of first aid supplies that could ease the burden of teacher and students helping the injured while waiting for first responders.