Work: A Bacterial Breeding Ground

11/19/18 By Safetec

How many times have you felt sick, but came into work anyway because you feared you would anger your boss or let your co-workers down. Because of actions like this and the high traffic of a work environment, offices become breeding grounds for the flu and numerous other viruses. Let’s examine where these germs pop up and how to keep your workplace flu-free during the next few months. 

officeAccording to lab tests, the flu and other bacteria pop up the most in the high traffic areas of your facility. The most common spots are keyboards, the break room, any railings/elevator buttons, and the conference room. These high traffic areas can contain the flu virus for up to a day, so if you touch them and then yourself, you are at risk of contracting the flu. The virus can also spread if infected individuals come into work when they should be home resting. If they touch any of the surfaces aforementioned the full virus can latch on and infect the next person who interacts with the surface.

There are a few preventative measures that can be taken to minimize the risk of the flu virus ravaging your workforce. Experts recommend that these problem surfaces are wiped down daily during the peak of flu season. A disinfectant like Safetec’s SaniZide Pro is effective versus the H1N1 strain in two minutes. While disinfecting does help, staying home if you are ill and proper handwashing are the most effective ways to keep yourself and your co-workers healthy.