Do You Have A Good Concept Of Cleaning?

07/26/17 By Jordan Weinstein

ISSA LogoWSJK-FM radio had a segment on the misconceptions of cleaning and how people are missing some of the most important spots where bacteria can spread. Their host brought on the ISSA Executive Director of ARCSI or the Association of Residential Cleaning Services, Ernie Hartong. His company consists of cleaning industry specialists who want to develop the world’s most successful residential cleaning companies.

He states that most people think they have a good concept of cleaning but are making many mistakes. When people think about germs, their first thought goes to the bathroom, when in reality it is the kitchen. Even an iPhone is dirtier than a toilet seat. One object that carries a lot of bacteria is a cloth or sponge used to clean dishes and countertops. When people don’t wash these on a weekly basis or dry them after use, moisture builds up which attracts microbial. Another spot in the kitchen that people don’t think about is the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. This is due to all the juices and crumbs coming from the food on the higher shelves that build up.

Although many of the worst places for bacteria to spread are in the kitchen, there are a couple of small spots throughout the house that people never thought about. One major spot is the toothbrush holder. Each time a person puts their toothbrush in the holder, moisture drips down onto it and stays put, which attracts bacteria. Everyone is so focused on their clean toothbrush that they don’t stop to think about what they are putting their toothbrush in. Another odd spot is the front door knob. Ernie Hartong states “People are always cleaning on the inside of the castle, no one ever thinks to clean on the outside.”

A tip that he gave people was to not use one microfiber cloth all around the house. Saying that people should have more than one cloth for specific rooms and to continually wash them after use to stop the spread of the germs they are cleaning up. Another thing people can do is to use Safetec’s SaniWash Antimicrobial Hand Soap and SaniZide Disinfectant wipes and sprays. These products can be used for easy cleaning of all those places that people don’t normally think about.

Please enjoy the full video below: