Safetec Kit Series: Formaldehyde Spill Response Kit

11/06/23 By Victoria Robinson

Formaldehyde, a chemical widely used in laboratories and healthcare settings, is a substance that demands careful handling and management. To ensure the safety of medical personnel working with formalin and other formaldehyde-containing substances, Safetec of America offers the Formaldehyde Spill Response Kit.

A Reliable Formaldehyde Emergency Response Kit

The Formaldehyde Spill Response Kit from Safetec of America is an indispensable resource for medical personnel who work with formalin or other substances containing formaldehyde. This kit is designed to address small-volume spills promptly and effectively, minimizing risks and ensuring a swift response in emergencies.

Safety First: Ideal for Small-Volume Spills

This kit is ideal for containing small-volume spills that contain no more than 40% formalin according to OSHA guidelines. It is essential to note that in cases where a significant volume of fluid needs to be contained, it is crucial to notify emergency response personnel per facility guidelines.

Durable and Easy-to-Use Hard Vinyl Case

Safetec of America understands the importance of accessibility and ease of use during an emergency. That’s why the Formaldehyde Spill Response Kit comes in a highly visible, durable, and user-friendly hard vinyl case. The hard vinyl construction of the case ensures that the kit remains intact and ready for use when needed. Its high visibility helps medical personnel locate the kit swiftly, minimizing response time.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Designed for medical personnel working with formalin and formaldehyde-containing substances.
  • Specifically for small-volume spill containment (no more than 40% formalin).
  • Housed in a highly visible, durable, easy-to-use hard vinyl case.

In conclusion, by investing in Safetec of America’s Formaldehyde Spill Response Kit, you’ll have an essential tool to enhance safety protocols and prepare for any unexpected spills, promoting a safer working environment for all. Providing a reliable means for healthcare workers to respond quickly and effectively, minimizing risk. For more information on the Formaldehyde Spill Response Kit or any of our kit offerings, please visit or contact your Account Manager today.