Purchasing / Shipping

Marissa Bencini


Bringing her experience as a Customer Service Specialist to Safetec’s Purchasing department, Marissa is using her people skills to assist with purchasing raw materials, sourcing new materials, researching suppliers, expediting orders, and managing inventory.

Having attended Nazareth College in Rochester, NY, she obtained a bachelor’s in Social Work with a minor in Psychology and received a Horticulture certification from Niagara County Community College. Marissa believes that having a Social Work degree helps her communicate with people on a professional and empathetic level. With her acquired skillset, she has a deep understanding and ability to work with all types of people, which is useful in almost every aspect of her life, including professional settings. Marissa tends to approach every situation from a person-centered perspective.

After work, she can be found biking around the city, hiking on her favorite trail, or traveling to a far-off campsite to spend the evening under the stars.

Fun Facts

  • Mom to many plants and a cat named Ravioli
  • Live Music Enthusiast