Safetec Loyalty Program

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Safetec is now offering an amazing program that allows you the opportunity to grow your business and earn credits back. This exciting Loyalty Program is available to help your distribution company grow and succeed with Safetec. As a Loyalty Program member, we will offer you many great incentives, rebates, product launches and sample programs that everyone else will not have access to. Our team will work directly with you to help strengthen and expand your product line.

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Tools to Help You Succeed as a Loyalty Program Member:

Custom Marketing Materials
Whatever your reps may need in order to help be successful in selling Safetec brand products. Whether this is branded collateral or other customized marketing materials, Safetec’s Marketing Team can create these for you!

Monthly Reports
In order to keep a close eye on how you are progressing toward your yearly goal, Safetec will provide you with a report at the beginning of each month.

Safetec Site Visit
Want to come and get a VIP Tour of the Safetec manufacturing facility in Buffalo, NY where everything we make is manufactured? Setup a complimentary visit for you and your team!

Sales Training Options
Your account manager can consult your team over the phone when needed, and Safetec is always creating new videos, blog posts and content on our website so that the training never ends!

Product Specials
Your team will have access to any specials that are currently running. This includes sales, shipping discounts and more!

Inventory Updates
Get a direct line of sight into the Safetec warehouse to make sure that the products you need are in stock when you need them with inventory updates.



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*Please note that when you meet the criteria for free freight that your order will ship complete