Artwork Guidelines

A better understanding of our prepress and printing process.

Safetec believes a better understanding of our prepress and printing processes reduces the need for expensive changes at the prepress stage. This rework is sometimes large enough that the original design intent is lost. Below are the general artwork guidelines, specifications and minimum requirements to help you provide a design with properly formatted files for a seamless transition to press with little to no intervention, thus maintaining the package’s original design intent, and keeping delivery times to a minimum.


• To request specific product die line templates, please e-mail the Marketing Manager in the Marketing Department.
• Art files must be built in Illustrator CS5 or lower. (Original files created in any other program other than Illustrator will not be accepted.)
• All artwork must contain at least 1/16” of the live area inside edge of die line and if artwork extends to edge, there must be at least 1/16” of bleed built into the artwork.

• All type must be converted to paths (outlined).
• Copy should be vector (paths), not raster (photo).
• Minimum type size: 6 point

• Images should be in CMYK mode, at least 300dpi and placed 100% of the size, linked, not embedded.
• All linked images must be included with art submission.
• Avoid copy or type in images.

• Barcode must be at least 80% magnification.
• Height should not be smaller than 5/8”.
• The marketing department can work with you on barcode design and placement.

• All colors need to be 100% of the specified PMS color for spot colors or in CMYK 4-color process.

Artwork Guidelines


*All artwork must be designed as outlined above and failure to meet specified requirements will result in additional costs and delay in the printing process and final production of product.